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 Range Rover (2003-2004)

Range Rover (2003-2004) Цена:   1350.00 лв






1/ 6.2 inch 16:9 Digital screen

2/ V-6 disc changer memory

3/ Light-Right Dual zone of front Amusement also call Dual zone-play. For example, the driver can listen to the radio by the speaker inside.While the passengers can enjoy TV or DVD by the wireless earphone


5/ OSD menu have five languages for choice:Espanol,Italian,Deutsch,Francais,English

6/ steering wheel control

7/ Bluetooth:BT-music,phonebook,call

8/ Mucic:MP3,MP4,IPOD

9/ TMC optional:Traffic Message Channel

10/ Tire Pressure Monitoring System : compatible for those which with tire pressure monitoring function cars

11/ SD card:store NAV software or multi-media new type SDHC card,biggest 32GB

12/ offer USB-HOST1.1 Jack,can read U disc,card reader

13/ CAN BUS + air conditioner agreement

14/ Compatible with DVD,VCD,CD,MP3,MPEG4,CD-R,WMA and JPEG playbacks

15/ Built-in FM/AM Radio,RDS,movie,Time,calendar


Navigation Software

1/ 6.0 CORE

2/ Built in GPS--17 lanugages can be choose:English,German,French,Spanish


3/ GPS dual zone function

4/ Navigation PCB:COM2,Baud Rate:9600bps,The path of storageing SD Cards map:\Storagecard\*.exe;The path of storageing NandFlashs map :\NandFlash\*.exe.

5/ support map:Igo 8,Route66,Gate5,Papago


In order to perfect your car's stereo effects, below accessories are be highly suggested:

1/ 2GB SD card which used to storage GPS map information.

2/ TV antenna,in order to promote the TV clearly.

3/ Monitor Reverse Radar,reverse car's Radar can show by alarm.

4/ Headrest monitor,it's useful for the back people to watch DVD,TV,FM,and so on.

5/ Infrared Headphones:listen to music matching headrest DVD